who's at the door?

I've been at work for the past hour.  Things were going well and I was cramming in as much paperwork and phone calls as I could (while Elliot was asleep) when I got interrupted by a knock at the door.  

It was actually more like a light tap on the door and I was thankful that whoever it was at the door was being kind to not wake my baby girl.  I went to all three doors of my office, but couldn't find anyone there.  

Then a few minutes later I heard the light tap again.  I thought maybe some of my young life girls were playing a trick on me----like ding-dong-dash but more like lightly-tap-and-hide or something.

Then I found the culprits:

Turns out that the chickens just wanted to see if Elliot wanted to come out and play.  Who knew chickens knew how to "knock" on doors?  I guess you really do learn something new every day.

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