elliot weekly: week 26

worn out at week 26

What we've been up to this week:

Windy Gap: Last weekend we tagged along to Windy Gap with some of our high school friends.  I love this weekend....because we go with my old high school group, because it kicks off fall, because the place is holy ground, because my family was there:
elliot with aunt lauren (camp doctor)

us with shannon (my young life leader from shs!)
Chupo-less: Yep, we stole Elliot's pacifier.  Actually, we stole all 9 of them from her.  I thought I was out of the whole "frenemy" stage of life...you know, because I'm not 12 anymore.  Turns out Chupo was the biggest frenemy of all....best friend by day, torturer by night.  Elliot loved her pacifier during the day but just couldn't get back to sleep in the middle of the night unless she had it.  Weaning her from Chupo is a story we'll get into next week.  I can just hear how excited you are!

Sleeping Beauty: Elliot is sleeping at night much better!  Most of this week was focused on sleep training.  It occupied most of my time, mentally energy and sanity for the past seven days.  I'll give y'all more details in the Chupo post, because I'm pretty sure they're directly related.

Baggies: Elliot loves bags. Paper bags. Plastic bags.  Clean bags.  Dirty bags.  The girl just loves her choking hazards.  I can't tell if she likes the sound, texture, flavor or just freaking me out.  One thing is for sure--you've got to keep an eye on this girl!

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