buy it, you'll like it

Buy it, you'll like it....well, if you're a girl.  Well, these days I guess I should say buy it, you'll like it...if you're into makeup.  I've seen plenty of boys lately trying to pull off at little matte foundation and/or eyeliner (hello jay manuel).  But that is so another entry for another time.

So, for all of you beauty-minded individuals out there: take note!

mary kay cream blush in cranberry $13

I always swore I'd never want to get into the whole "mary kay" deal.  I didn't want to go to parties and feel pressured into buying stuff, I didn't want the awkward conversations that I just knew would happen and I certainly didn't want to part with any of my hard earn moolah for products that I thought were sub-par.

Hello. My name is Blair. I will be eating crow from now on.  Please pass the mustard.

Yep. I'm a convert.  Well, a convert as far as face wash, moisturizer, mineral powder, mascara, eye-liner, eye shadow and cream blush are concerned.  (And, in case you're keeping track, that includes every item that I've tried.)

I am in LOVE with their new cream blush.  The pigment is great, its build-able (meaning: you can wear just a bit or layer it on for a sultry pop), it glides on super smooth and lasts all day!  I wear such minimal make-up during this time of year (hello 97 degrees and 80% humidity, I kind of hate you) and this cream blush is just perfect.  I've worn Bobbi Brown blush and Benetint, and may always keep them in the rotation, but this little baby is my new favorite.

And for those of you out there in need of ordering some of this blush perfection, let me introduce you to my friend Allison:
ok, so this is us at the virginia beach half marathon that we ran last year...
here's a better picture of allison:

Allison and I have been friends for years and she may be the least pushy saleswoman I've ever known.  She has been wearing Mary Kay for a while and I found myself asking her about where she got her eye-liner from: MaryKay.  And what about that new eye shadow? MaryKay.  I invited Allison to come over to my house and I got to play dress-up with all her make-up.  It was sooo fun.  Now I look forward to the new looks each season--can't wait to call her up and try out the products for myself.

You can (and should!) email allison at allison.cook@marykay.com to order your own cranberry cream blush.  You won't be disappointed!! (you may also want to order the amethyst eye liner, honey spice eye shadow and waterproof mascara---the whole look is gorgeous!)

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