elliot weekly: week 25

large and in charge at 25 weeks

What we've been up to this week:

Fat Booth: Ok, the picture above is a little lot deceiving.  It was made using the "Fat Booth" app.  You take a regular picture on an iphone, line up the eyes and mouth and voila!  You're a fatty.  (side note: while you're waiting for the "fat" picture to load, it shows a picture of a dancing hamburger saying "yummy yummy", hahahahaha)  Elliot was giving lots of no-lips smiles and with the drool running down her face we knew we had the perfect fat-booth opportunity.  

And the little one did not roll over: Do y'all remember that song?  There were 10 in the bed and the little one said "roll over, roll over!"  Anyone?  Bueller?  Well, Elliot is not really all that interested in rolling over.  She does great with her tummy time, even doing these funny little baby push ups.  But put that girl on her back and she's happy to just grab her feet (and put them in her mouth of course) and coo and goo away.  I've heard that if a baby crawls longer its directly correlated to the child being more athletic.  So, maybe if it takes her a while to roll over, she'll be extra athletic?

Happy Baby: Elliot is happy to meet anyone.  As soon as someone else is holder her, she turns on the charm; reaching for their face and smiling (with at least two chins.)  Its probably all the local election campaigns getting to me, but I swear she thinks she's running for office with the way she's trying to woo everyone.  It doesn't matter if its me, Josh or a person she's never met before--the girl just turns on the charm.  It makes me really excited because with Young Life we're always traveling and around tons of people.  We hoped that Elliot would be a good travel and social baby.  She's excelling in both departments so far!  I know there may be a time, when she's older, that she gets a bit more shy---but we're just soaking up our happy-baby time for now!

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Maury said...

Yeah, this completely freaked me out. I seriously thought she'd gained 10 lbs

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