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I have a love/hate relationship with technology.  Most of the time it makes my life easier.  And most of the time I feel like a moron trying to figure it out.

Case and point: digital pictures.  Love them.  Love taking them.  Love sharing them.  Getting them on to the computer?  Most of the time its a cinch.  Know when it wasn't a cinch?  Last week....when I lost 246 pictures. Who's a Mac moron?  This girl!

Yep, I lost 246 pictures when trying to upload them to iphoto.  Yes, a program so easy that my 5 month old baby could probably figure it out.

The sad part (other than feeling like a total loser) is that I lost the "before" pictures of several craft projects.  Total bummer.  I'm prepping the "after" shots to share with y'all, but something tells me they're going to lose that amazement/pop/sizzle/sparkle factor without the "before" shot to compare.


Here's a video of us waking Elliot up.  Yep.  I'm that mom that recorded waking up my kid.  I don't know why I felt compared to tape it---or share it.  Maybe I'm over-sharing in the parenting department because I'm under-sharing in the craft department??

Anyways, here's our babe:

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