young house love, i heart you too

I love reading Young House Love's blog.  It makes me laugh, envy their style and gives me tons of decorating goals.  They sometimes post several times a day, which makes me a very happy reader!  With every post I'm one step closer to putting our house on the market and buying a fixer-upper to remodel and re-decorate from floor to ceiling.  After floating back to realty, I remember that I should at least try a project or two before things get out of hand.  And out of hand they would get. Trust me.  Remember that time I had a baby?  I can hardly get anything done outside of work and baby-wrangling.  All my projects lately have lasted under 30 minutes...perfectly coined "speed-crafting" by Chelsea.


John posted today on YHL about a brass chandelier that they refinished for their office.  Its fun and whimsical and i LOVE IT.  He asked for comments about any chandelier projects we'd attempted, so I just had to share about Elliot's chandelier.

And Sherry commented back almost immediately:
They like me!  See how much?  ALL CAPS.  That is a loooot in the blogging world peoples.  Seriously.  I feel so validated.  I am one dorky happy mama.

Almost makes me want to craft again.  Anyone have any 45 minute ideas?

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