elliot weekly: week 23

looking large at 23 weeks!

what we've been up to this week

Beach Time: We spent is past weekend at our favorite beach: Sullivan's Island.  Its just north of Charleston, SC and is the perfect family beach spot.  We love it there.  It was Elliot's second trip to the beach (the first was when I was on my last week of maternity leave.)  I figured that she'd like the sand and water more this time because she's gotten into grabbing things more and splashing during her baths.  She smiled when the breeze blew across her face and she patted the water when we were sitting in a shallow portion.  I hope that we get to visit the beach more as she grows up.  We always went every summer when I was growing up and I have such fond memories!

Laughing: We've had a few laughing spells with Elliot, but she is becoming a regular giggler.  She's always been a big smiley baby, but lately we've gotten more and more laughs out of her.  They are just about the cutest thing (I think only a pink baby unicorn could be cuter).  I've been trying to get her on camera, but I get so wrapped up in her sweet giggles that I forget to run and find the camera.  Josh and I were laughing with her as we were putting her down for her 5pm catnap yesterday and managed to get a few giggles on camera:

Friends: Ryan Clark, one of our best friends, was in town for a quick flyfishing trip with Josh. Ok, so he was actually in town to visit his family, but we managed to snag some time with him.  We all ate dinner together last night and he's flyfishing with Josh today.  He's having a third baby soon--he's such a natural with the babes:
i promise elliot loved it
Hugs: Elliot has been giving some really good snuggles lately.  She'll put her head on your shoulder and even wrap her arms around your neck a little bit.  When she does it to me she gets a bit tempted to pull out my hair or at least give my ponytail a good yank--the girl is strong, let me tell you!  Here's the hug in action: 

Reach For It: Elliot has been reaching for me and Josh, and it is SO cute.  It melts my heart every time.  I'll be holding Elliot and when Josh walks up to us, she reaches her arms out to him and leans toward him.  It is SO SWEET!  I'll have to try and get it on film soon.

Sleep, Sweet Sleep: I've been trying to recreate the "windy gap amazing sleep environment" at home.  Since it was basically just a pack-n-play in a closet, I haven't had to be that creative!  I crank the AC down to 72 degrees (hey, that's cranked down for us--y'all know I'm a penny pincher!), we took the night-light out of her room (it was really just for us to see her anyways) and we traded her super-soft-potterybarn sheet out for a super-thin-target sheet.  Its been great!  She has slept the past three nights until 6:30ish am!  Hallelujah!  Josh is enjoying the cooler night-time temperatures, Elliot is sleeping better and I'm one happy momma---sounds like a good recipe we've got going...I just pray Elliot stay on board :)

It just seems like Elliot is growing by leaps and bounds--I'm trying so hard to soak up every minute with her.  I am SO glad that I get to have her at work with me and I that I'm available for so many milestones.  I love that I get to see her face so much during the day!

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