elliot weekly: week 22

all smiles at week 22

What we've been up to this week

Young Life's Windy Gap: Elliot took her very first trip to Young Life camp this week.  We stayed at Windy Gap for Josh's Young Life conference Sunday-Tuesday.  It was so good to spend some time with the other staff (and staff families!) at one of our favorite places.  I was so happy to take Elliot to Windy Gap and tell her about how kids will come with their YL leaders to share in an amazing time and hear the Good News of Jesus.  I cannot believe that our leaders will be there with our high school friends in three short weeks!

Teeth: Ok, I know its supposed to be too early to Elliot to be teething....but I swear she is.  The girl is drooling all.over.the.place. and putting every.single.thing. in her mouth.  She really gnaws on the side of her chupo more than she sucks on it.  The fussy and irritability factor has definitely been up as well!

Sleep, such sweet Sleep: Elliot got three nights in a row of sleeping until 6+am!  Unfortunately, it was all at Windy Gap and not in her nursery here at her own house.  We've been trying to recreate the environment here in her room.  At Windy Gap she was in her pack-n-play (what she naps in at work) and was in a huge walk-in closet in our room.  We've put a plain sheet in her crib (took out the super soft and fuzzy sheet), took out the night-light (that closet was DARK) and put diffusers over the ceiling vents (certainly weren't any vents in that closet!)  I'm about this.close to putting her in a pack-n-play in our walk-in closet at home and seeing how she does ;)

we've been traveling a lot and elliot does great in the carseat

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Maury said...

i want to come visit her! She's getting so big!

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