craft it: butterfly wall

I've been totally inspired by my friend Maury and her entire-house transformation she's been working on.  I started thinking about how Josh and I built our house nearly 6 years ago and the changes (and lack thereof!) our house has been through.  We moved from our 2 bedroom loft apartment into our brand-new 4 bedroom home in the fall of 2005.  Since our house was as-close-to-dream as we could afford, we didn't have the money to buy anything new and we only owned enough to furnish the downstairs!  Our friends affectionately referred to this upstairs bedroom as "The Chair Room" because it held several of my friends' cast-off salvation-army-worthy arm chairs.  Sadly, the room looked like that for almost a year.  I was so overwhelmed with how to decorate the place and Josh and I were still tying to figure out how our styles merged.

Our real estate agent gave us an antique bed and we decided the room would officially become a bedroom. Hey, up until that point we were really sure what to do with the space--we'd toyed with the idea of craft room, game room and reading room.  For the past four years the space has held a bed, bedside table, armoir and arm chair.  We've switched items from various rooms over the years and the space now has a bed, bedside table, desk, arm-less chair and piano.  I'm not exactly how the piano fits into the decor.....my parents bought it for me when I was a kid and I have hopes of Elliot maybe playing it one day.  It was in my crafting room before, but now that's Elliot's room, so the piano moved down the hallway to this room.  For now I've got to decorate around it.  (Maybe we could build some snazzy sideboard type cover for it....kind of like a radiator cover?)

The big blank wall has been bugging me lately:

We also have several guitars in this room
Maybe its a music room and not a bedroom?
or maybe its a bedroom for musical guests?
I saw a friends blog about how she put 3d birds on a wall in her bathroom.  I loved the idea but thought the whole put-a-bird on it craze was getting a little over done.  Here's my interpretation:

butterfly die cut + old emmerson poetry = perfection
sidenote: aren't these linens so cute? i love you ikea!

i made about one zillion of these cut-outs
yep. a zillion.
I knew I wanted to put the butterflies up with painters tape, because I thought that'd be the least damaging and most temporary solution.  The problem was what shape to put them in!  I thought about just throwing them up on the wall, but that clearly wasn't working:
proof that not every crafting idea is a success
After several shape attempts (circle, heart, blob) I came up with the swirl idea (or maybe Chelsea came up with it?)  
finished product!
I'm still not sure that I'm 100% in love with this wall, but it's definitely an improvement.  And with the use of painters tape, I can change the design or take the entire thing down without having to worry about damaging the wall.  Perfect for modern wall art!

I already had the Emmerson book and painters tape, so I only had to purchase the butterfly die-cut ($11 on amazon.)  What inexpensive and crafty wall art have you been up to?


Maury said...

How cool is that! I love it.

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

ahhhh gorgeous!!!!!!

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