elliot weekly: week 24

happy at week 24
What we've been up to this week:

Jumping Bean: Elliot has been really jumping a lot in the exersaucer at work.  Its a hand me down, so I'm sure the bunjee cords are a little work out.  Regardless, we had to raise her up to leverl 2.  She was just jumping so much on level one that I thought she might jump out of the exersaucer.

Grabby Grabby: Elliot is getting better and better at grabbing and reaching for what she wants.  Unfortunately, she's gotten equally good at tossing what she wants...which usually means I'm picking things up from the ground (or across the room--girl has got an arm!) all day long.  I don't think she's really doing the whole hey-i've-got-you-wrapped-around-my-finger-i-can-make-you-pick-things-up-when-i-drop-them-because-you're-my-servant, but I don't think we're very far off from that either!

Good Night's Sleep: Elliot has been sleeping better at night this week!  We've had several nights where she has slept until 6am(ish).  Its still a bit early for this mama, but we'll take it for now!

Here are a few outtakes from our photo shoot this morning:

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