fun with friends!

Elliot has had lots of visits with friends over the past week.  Here are a few of her favorite girls:
Amy and Kay--two parts of the BFC.  They gave Elliot some good advice on debutantes, jean diapers (jiapers) and turkey.

Can you tell how excited Elliot is to hang out with cousin Anna Nichole?  She was loving their "matching" outfits ;)

Ahhhh, sister time.  Love this picture of Elliot and our "fake" daughter Rachel.  Can't believe Rachel is a Mrs now!

Elliot had a styling session with resident fashionista Chelsea.  They talked mixing patterns, textures and hair accessories (we're still waiting on that last one, hahahaha.

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chelsea said...

i love it! she is so popular already. if she were in high school, she would definitely be homecoming queen. also, i love how cute she looks in the onesie i got for her!

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