thrift store lovlieness

My friend Chelsea and I were hanging out at the White Rabbit, local thrift/consignment store, on Monday. They had some fabulous finds. I bought two new pashminas for $8.50 a piece and $6 sunglasses (the kind that my other friend Chelsea affectionately calls "Mary Kates" because they look like the somewhat-ridiculous sunglasses that Mark Kate Olson wears.)

But what I loved more than my new purchases, was that new-Chelsea let me dress her up. Ahhhh, remember the days of 'Blossom'?

I also found this crazy Indian shirt that I just had to buy as well. Have you ever seen $3 look so good?!?!

But my all-time favorite find was this book that new-Chelsea pointed out to me:

I can't decide if its totally over-the-line or really-really appropriate. The best part about the book is the Nancy Reagan-inspired note left by the previous owner:

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