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Josh and I had the ultimate dilemma last night: 24 vs UNC basketball. After a short deliberation, we decided to watch the the basketball game, only because we know that Jack Bauer will be there later (he'll always be there later, that man is ridiculous.)

There was much screaming, jumping on the coffee table and foolishness going on at the house last night. I couldn't believe how well my boys were playing. It seemed like just yesterday I was watching this goofy looking kid (with a bad haircut and googly eyes) and his brown-haired-kind-of-Franklin-Graham-look-a-like that were promised to be our new hope for a national title...and four years later that promise was delivered. I'll remember a lot about last night's game:
-Tyler still just as goofing looking as he was his freshman year
-Danny's smile after a great shot
-Lawson showing some serious emotion
-Watching Tyler Hansbrough's dad get so excited about the game
-Ellington staying classy as always
-Roy letting the scrubs play in a national title game
-Marcus' excitement for the other guys getting to play
-The sound of 10,000 UNC fans screaming "na na na na, hey hey hey, good-bye" with 4.5 minutes left in the game (with 40,000 Michigan fans in the stands still!)

I love some Carolina basketball. And I'm starting to like Roy Williams a little bit more each year. Don't get me wrong, its not that I didn't like him before....its just that I was mostly scared of him! But watching him cry with Hansbrough broke the UNC all-time scoring record and seeing him jump up and down like a little kid last night after the boys won....well, he won me over. Oh yeah, this video might have helped a little.

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chelsea said...

loved that commercial!

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