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Two weekends ago Josh and I went down to visit my sister Lauren and her husband Jon. Lauren is in the last year of her residency at UAB and will be starting her fellowship there this summer. They starting looking around for houses when they decided to stick around for another three years (length of her fellowship). They found this sweet sweet bungalow:

This was our first time visiting them in their new house. And I LOVE it. The house was built in the 1930s and has some really cool architectural elements...the deep front porch, pedestal bathtub, vintage windows and doors, plaster walls and beautiful moldings. One of the things that Lauren doesn't like so much is the flower beds and the white pebbles that have overtaken the beds....which inspired our "josh-and-blair-work-weekend-extravaganza". We did a serious overhaul on this poor yard.

First we removed the 'perfect-for-a-nursing-home" white pebbles, ripped out all and plants in the front of the house and moved one of the boxwoods on the right side of the walkway to the left side to make them more even (I have no idea why exactly the previous owners put two on one side and three on the other!)

Then we planted some new bushes and plants....and mulched....and mulched....and mulched.

I think the yard turned out pretty fabulous, don't you?

We did actually do more than just work in the yard over the weekend. We ate at some of the best restaurants, met some of Lauren and Jon's friends and went out on the town. Here are some more pictures from the weekend:

These pictures are kind of random....but I had to include them:

Lauren had the coolest bouquet of flowers. They looked and smelled great!

Lauren has a pink stethoscope just like Izzy from Grey's Anatomy!

It was sad leaving Lauren and Jon (and knowing that we had a 5.5 hour drive ahead of us!) but we made plans to get together again soon. How much do I hate my sister living so far away!!!!!

Happy little family!

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