how does your garden grow?

I love our neighborhood, really, I do. I love that we have a pool and clubhouse....that we are so ethnically diverse.....that we have 14 pages of rules, wait, no that's definitely one of the parts of our neighborhood that I really don't like.

According to page 13, subsection 4, part c, paragraph 1 "there will not be allowed any gardens on the for-mentioned properties...."

I was really feeling garden-y this year. I don't know if its the ridiculous prices of fresh vegetables, a desire to avoid the creepy produce guy at Ingles or just some lingering hope that I might have some skill at caring for plants (I hear you laughing at me college roommates! I swear....those plants on our porch all died because of the potsmokers below us at the Ridge! You know it!)
Whatever the reason, Josh and I decided to ring in spring with a little potted garden:

I think this one is my favorite!
I love the Trailing Jenny on the sides and the orange Dahlia has just the right pop.
This planter is our "herb garden."
It has heather, lavender and cilantro in it.
This is our "vegetable garden."
It has a tomato plant, green peppers and squash in it.
This is our "tomato garden/flamingo haven."
We got this tomato plant from our friend for free so I had to plant it.
And well, the flamingos are just there because they like tomatoes.
Also, we aren't allowed to have "yard art" in our neighborhood either, so I figured I might as well go out with a bang since I was planting the illegal garden.


Anonymous said...

I totally believe it was the potheads below us. It had nothing to do with the lack of water.

Anonymous said...

Sorry... that was Maury above.

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