girls getaway weekend

I got to spend this past weekend with some of my favorite girls up at Laura's house in Montreat, NC. We had the BEST time. A few of us were able to leave around lunch time on Friday, which meant we had nearly the whole afternoon to scope out Black Mountain and claim the best beds in the cabin. I was originally a little skeptical about the sleeping arrangements, but it turns out that we had plenty of room since three of the girls brought camping hammocks and slept outside!

After stuffing our faces at My Father's Pizza, surving an all-night dance party and engaging in a heated discussion about the appropriateness of pantylines, we all settled in for a good nights sleep. We woke up early....hello, we had to get our shopping, i mean hiking---but not really, in for the day! We also had plenty of time for:

a senior picture reenactment

a train hijacking

posing for the paparazzi

building an arch

I can't get enough of these girls!!!! I don't know what I'm going to do when they all head home for the summer....I guess I'll just have to pine away....

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