back from banff

Josh and I had an awesome time at the Banff Mountain Film Festival last Friday. We were able to leave work a little early AND our friend Hef was able to join us! After making it up the mountain in the fog and rain, we stopped at Mellow Mushroom for dinner. YUM. Then we headed over to the ASU campus for the show-----with Josh recounting college stories the whole way over...."wow, that building wasn't here when I was here" and "that's the best place to eat on campus" and "that's where we lit a couch on fire and threw it off the roof"

We managed to push our way through to the 'will call' area and get our tickets. Josh led the way through the crowd and found us ten seats (we were meeting a group of friends there.) I couldn't believe that we survived the crowed of hippies and were able to breath, despite the heavy patchouli -scented air.

Josh ran around like a 30-year old back at his college campus that's surrounded by old friends that his 26-year old wife doesn't know. Well, we wasn't so much like that guy as he was that guy.Hef and I gaurded the seats while Josh and CT (her boyfriend) chatted up old friends.

The lights soon dimmed and the show began. We watched films about a red helmet, salmon, biking, skiing and some other stuff. But my favorite part was this: a giant Ugg. Because really, what mountain film festival is complete without a solitary large shoe?!

Josh and I are so crazy. We didn't get home until almost 1am. Soooooo crazy.

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