seaweed salad

My friend Hef and I went out to lunch yesterday. We went to the new sushi place in town, Sushi Dojo. I wasn't quite sure what vegan options they would have.....after scouring over the menu I found a veggie noodle entree. I ordered the noodles and an appetizer of edamame.

Then Hef ordered seaweed salad.

After my blank stare, she explained that she'd wanted to try seaweed salad for a while and the last couple of times that she was at the restaurant her other friends wouldn't let her order it. To quote her one friend, "I can't let you eat something that, like, came from the sea." (I wonder how that same girl ate shrimp tempura??)

I vowed to be more mature, or at least pretend that I had a more mature palate than her other friend. This new vow of mine lasted approximately four minutes.....which is how long it took them to bring this spectacle to our table:

After giggling and nearly choking on my water, I watched Hef try the salad. It was priceless:

I don't know why I had to try the seaweed----she's clearly not making a good face. I guess I just needed to see what crazy was all about. And now I know. Apparently, people in Japan like to eat slimy, cucumber-ish plant life that tastes like sesame seeds. I, myself, will pass. Bring on the lo mein!

**By the way, isn't lo mein a Chinese dish? And isn't sushi a Japanese deal? Our waitress looked at me like I was an idiot when I asked if they had any fortune cookies (I guess that's just a Chinese deal.) But seriously....its not my fault.....the entire concept of the restaurant if confusing, if you ask me.

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