spring in the carolinas

Ahhhhhhhh.....sweet sweet spring! I love this time of year: everything is getting greener and its not yet the miserable- i-don't-care-how-much-time-you-just-spent-on-your-hair-you-are-still-going-to-resemble-a-poodle-in-five-minutes-so-welcome-to-the-Carolinas-and-our-ridiculous-humidity type weather that we'll have in a few months.

Josh and I were sitting on our back patio, when I saw it: our first blooms on the Sarah Stokes (non)Memorial Cherry Trees!

They've come a long way since we first planted planted them this past fall. They now actually look like they aren't going to keel over and die any second....which is kind of surprising since my house has been referred to as "the place where plants go to die" by several different neighbors. (We've been asked several times what kind of cherry trees we purchased. My guess is maraschino, but I can ask Josh if you really want to know.)

By the way I HAVE TOMORROW AND MONDAY OFF FROM WORK. I mean, its not like I'm excited at all or anything. I'm not sure what I'll be doing to celebrate my freedom, I mean Easter, but I starting the vacation out right: going to get coffee with Laura and then seeing Chelsea's new cottage! Yay!

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