just another day at the office

I had the strangest conversation at work yesterday. For those of you who don't know, I work in the new home industry in Charlotte, NC. Most of my job consists of paperwork, scheduling, paperwork, calling homeowners, paperwork, dealing with contractors, paperwork and calling manufacturers. (Our company deals specifically with damages to bathtubs, showers, vanities and sinks.)

So, yesterday I got a call from a homeowner in Huntersville, NC that needed to schedule a time for us to come out and repair his master shower. To protect this man's identity, we'll call him "Steven".

Me: Amaya Glaze Company, this is Blair.
Steven: Yes, hello; my name is Steven and I need to have y'all come out and repair a crack in my master shower.

Me: Sure thing. I just need to get a little bit of information from you. What's your full name, address and best contact phone number?
(he gives me the info that I need.)

Me: Steven, I also need to know how the crack occurred in your shower.
Steven: I promise that I didn't have anyone else in the shower with me.

Me: (completely speechless)
Steven: Uh, are you there?

Me: (still in awkward shock) Uh...Yes....so, how exactly did the crack occur?
Steven: (voice sounding a little more macho) Well, I'm not quite sure. See, I'm 6'7" and pretty muscular.....but I promise that I've never had anyone in the shower with me.

Me: (laughing hysterically while the phone is on mute)
Steven: Anyways, do you think y'all can repair the shower?

I guess this guy could have just really needed "someone to repair his shower" but what I think he was insinuating was that he was 6'7", hot and single. I'm happily married, but does anyone out there want "Steven's" phone number?


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rachel (the random girl living at blosh's house) said...

i'm trying to holla at that steven guy! he sounds like just what i need! hook me up blizzi blair!

chelsea said...

hello hot *tall* man!
they're few and far between!

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