show me the money

Have I mentioned that I'm going on a cruise? Really? Only 54789413 times? I could have sworn it was more. Oh well.

I just got a $60 rebate check in the mail for some contacts that I ordered about 6 months ago. Yay for surprise money! I managed to convince Josh that since I sent in the rebate forms that I should get the money for the cruise. He agreed. (I'm so glad that he didn't make me pay back our savings account with the money......you know, since my contacts cost $415.)

I was just going to cash the check and get three $20 bills, but then I realized that the smaller denominations that I got the easier the haggling would be on the cruise. I could maybe get a cool necklace for $7 instead of $10 if I was handing over $7 while I asked for the necklace. Does that make any sense?

The only problem with this plan? Josh. See, Josh is really a lets-not-make-any-kind-of-ruckus-and-just-not-cause-any-problems-for-any-anyone-in-the-customer-service-industry-ever-ever-ever kind of a guy. And I'm more of a don't-look-at-me-like-that-if-I-want-to-order-the-house-salad-with-everything-on-the-side-i-can-do-that-because-I'M-PAYING-FOR-IT kind of a girl. We pulled up to the bank and I asked Josh if we could get the check cashed into singles. He said, "Jeez. They're going to think we're going to a strip club." I laughed and told Josh that the check had my name on it and I seriously doubted that the bank teller would think that a guy was cashing a check with his wife's name on it while she's in the car so that he can go to a strip club with the money. He didn't seem convinced and still proceeded to make some kind of awkward joke when he sent the check through.

So what exactly does $60 in $1 bills look like?


chelsea said...

this is why i love you.
i think you should stick them in your bra when we go on the cruise. the mexican peddlers will probably give you stuff for free when you pull your bills outta there.

Anonymous said...

strip clubs use $2 bills, not ones.

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