giant mud puddle

The neighborhood that I live in is relatively new. The "main" section of our 'hood is about 10 years old and our phase is about 6 years old. They are adding two newer sections to our neighborhood soon. I refer to the older section as "phase 1" and our section as "phase 2." I know its a little boring but calling them"the-really-nicer-section-with-the-bigger-homes-and-beautifully-manicured-lawns-phase" and "constantly-under-construction-with-red-clay-everywhere-and-I-still-hardly-have-grass-in-my-yard-phase" was getting a little wordy. And you know me, I hate being wordy.

Anyways....back to phase 2. See, in phase 2 we have this gross silt pond. When we moved into then neighborhood (about 3 years ago) we were promised that the area would be eventually developed into a "green space" (whatever the heck that means) but the area would need to be used as a silt pond until the until the majority of construction was completed in our phase. I didn't really care since I didn't really know what the eventual green space would look like and we were in the middle of a drought so the "pond" really just looked like ever other dusty lot in our section.

But lately....its been raining....a lot. And ye old silt pond is looking pretty stanky. I was also pretty disgusted with how high the grass was getting around the pond, until I realized that it was providing a nice buffer. Have I mentioned that this "pond" is diagonally across the street from my house?

And then yesterday I saw a guy clearing out the area! I'm not sure what he was clearing out (besides the area where about 10-12 deer come every night) but it is starting to look a little nicer.

And guess who's the first to experience this new cleaned up area? Our new neighborhood ducks! That's right, our neighborhood developer, Travis, raised these couple of ducks to live in the new pond. Isn't that kind of cute/weird/great?!

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