conquering cooper

I can't believe that I'm alive today. Seriously. I am not a runner. I want to make sure that's very clear. So why exactly did I sign up for the Cooper River 10k? Probably the same reason that I wanted a perm in 4th grade.....'all the cool girls were doing it' and 'it seemed like a good idea at the time.'
The most exciting part about the race was hanging out with my friends Elizabeth and John, eating at Poe's and shopping. What's that? Those things aren't a part of a 10k? I seriously dare you to try and convince me they aren't.

Enough typing already, let the picture montage begin!!

We were lucky enough to stay at my dad's place on Sulivan's Island...which meant we only had to leave the house around 7am (unlike some folks from Charleston that left around 5:30am!) We were in the last group of runners and in front of the walkers. What can I say, I was planning on a fashionably timed run---I wanted the Arthur Ravenel Bridge to really enjoy what may be the only chance I grace it with my presence (on foot that is.) Here's view of the folks behind and in front of us. What a crowd!! Take a look at the picture on the right....that small yellow sign in the distance is the start sign!

I wasn't exactly planning on running right at the beginning, but when the 15,000 people behind you are trying to catch up with the 15,000 people in front of you----well, you kind of have to jog a little. Here's proof that Elizabeth and I ran:

There were some folks in some ridiculous outfits...there were some fairies, several Richard Simmons look-a-likes, a french maid, an army ranger and several giant fruits from Bi-Lo. I did manage to get a picture of (1) Bill Clinton and his secret servicemen, (2) Gumby and his horse Pokey and (3) two marines that ran the entire race holding these flags!

This next picture is about 1.25 miles in the race. We've all warmed up and are starting the infamous 1.5 mile climb. What's worse that a 1.5 mile 4% grade climb? Running a 1.5 mile 4% grade climb with 36,000 other people. The crowds were ridiculous!

As much as the crowd stressed me out, it was also a great source of encouragement. Everyone was high-fiving and shouting out words of encouragement along the way. Around mile 4 I realized that my cheeks hurt from smiling so much--what a feeling! I can't express what it felt like to fun this race. It was so exhilarating!

These pictures were taken just after the race. I know the first one isn't that great, but I felt like I deserved two pictures to be put up on the blog...and hey, its my blog....I can put as many pictures of myself up here as I want to. (Isn't that the whole point of a blog?!)

And yes, I did place in the race. I won 20,487th place, thank you very much.


Susan said...

Congratulations, Blair! I've always wanted to run the Cooper River Bridge Run. And, really, who could ask for more than hanging out with friends, shopping, and eating at Poe's?

lacey said...

you know you have an awesome blog when someone checks it before she heads to work at 6:57 am. :-) i did the cooper river bridge run a few years ago-very fun but i felt like i was going to be trampled to death! hurrah! i'm proud of you!

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