another work day, another

We've been having some trouble with the computers at work lately. We have several computers at work that are networked together....so when one computer is on the fritz, the other computers start running slower or not at all.
Yesterday my boss, Dicky, got a new computer because his old laptop (one of the computers in the network) was slowly dieing. But, he was having some trouble getting some information off of the old laptop to put on the new laptop. I went over to see if I could help (not that I have any computer type skills, besides blogging----duh, but I was bored at my desk. I can't believe I went in search of work while at work!?!)

This is Dicky trying to fix his computer:
This was his tool of choice:

Now I'm not quite sure about this, but I think that's an antenna topper from Jack in the Box. And I think he's maybe breaking the computer instead of fixing it.

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