Team Skinny

Our YMCA is hosting a 6-week fat busting challenge. Teams of three will collects points for cardio, free weights, machines and group cardio classes. There will be prizes given out (to us of course) for the teams with the highest point totals each week, as well as an over-all prize at the end of the six weeks.

I am on a group with my friends Elizabeth and Rowena. Our team name is Skinny; which is hopefully where I'll be in 6 more weeks! I've still got PT's cardio and strength training schedule working for me; so I'll just turn all that information in for my daily points.

But Elizabeth and Rowena are a different story. Elizabeth is a strength-training-could-be-a-personal-trainer-power-walking extraordinaire. For example: she walks, with Anna in a jogging stroller, so fast that I seriously cannot keep up....I would much rather run 4 miles than have to walk with her. I remember the first time I walked with her I kept asking her question after question because I was so out of breath that I couldn't actually hold a conversation with her; meanwhile, she was just chit-chatting away and hardly breathing at all. She's also worked with a personal trainer and can keep up with the meanest of the gym rats. And then there's Rowena. If Row wasn't on my team I might have to figure out a way to take her out of the competition. This mother of 3 just ran a marathon. You know, because she wanted to try a full one after running all the half-marathons she'd done. She's that girl in the gym that looks better than we all did the beginning of our freshman year in college. Row's also had her time with a personal trainer....although, her trainer was an ex-marine. To say she's got a slight advantage is an understatement.

So watch out Shelby Cougar Association (yes, that's a real team in the contest) we're going to win this thing!

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