weekend update

This past weekend Josh and I went to Townsend, TN for a time of fellowship and fun with some of our friends. The group was mostly folks that had been a YL leader in Asheville, NC with Buddy....and then the folks that had married folks that had been leaders with Buddy. I fell into the later grouping. We had a ton of fun eating, praising Jesus, talking about marriage and eating some more (did you seriously think you could get 15 girls in a room and not have to mention eating twice?!)

We had such a great time up in the mountains....it was so great that it came about one year after the YL All-Staff conference down in Florida. Josh and I were really soaking up the richness of the weekend. I ending up having such a good time that I didn't think to take pictures----now that's how you know you had a good time.

is that one happily married couple or what?!

our friends Matt and Leslie and their classic t-shirts they had made to commemorate the occasion. classy indeed.

**all pictures stolen, and used without permission, from leslie.

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