thank you jon and lauren

Lauren and Jon gave Josh this dvd for Christmas. It is hill-ar-i-ous. Seriously. The first time Josh and I watched it we had to keep rewinding each scene because we'd be so busy laughing at one part that we miss the next funny scene.

Flight of the Conchords was originally a series on HBO, but I think most folks just know the music from the band. But missing out on the show is a complete shame. Really. The first season is comprised of the adventures of Brett and Jermaine (aka Ryhmenosaurus and Hiphoppopotamus) two transplanted New Zealanders who are in a band and trying to make it in New York City. For those of y'all that already love the show--I apologize---I'm really not doing the show justice! Its just hard to explain how funny Flight is, kind of like its hard to explain how Dwight is so funny on The Office.

Here's a clip from the guys on David Letterman. They are singing "Beautiful Girl":

So go get the first season this weekend and have more laughs than you can handle.

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Baird said...

David loves this and on Christmas Eve we had a nice family holiday celebration of watching like 5 episodes.

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