friends are coming to town!

Yay! I have friends coming to town! Chelsea and Lacey have been best friends since their time at GWU. They are fun, smart, hilarious, fashionable, sweet, thrifty, crafty and Starbucks-addicted....but my favorite part about them is that they let me join in on the fun. I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to be friends with these girls?!?!

And why exactly are these lovely ladies coming into town today? Tonight is the Miss Gardner-Webb pageant! Yay! This is my favorite entertainment all year! Have you noticed how many exclamation marks I'm using?! While there will certainly be girls with poise and talent, there will also be some...well...without poise and talent. By far, my favorite part of the night is the talent portion. I just hope no one guts a fish like they did last year (yes, the whole auditorium did smell like old dead fish.)
This year we'll be cheering on Becca, Rachel and Mekina. Come join in on the fun!!

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