boots, boots, boots

Its rainy. Again. At this rate (two days of rain) I'll never be able to handle living in England. Which is really a pity, because I was hoping to introduce the British to a whole host of American traditions....mainly color and flat-irons. Oh well.

These are the shoes that I need to wear today.
Reason#1: they'll keep my feet dry
Reason#2: they have just the right anount of color to jazz up a dreary day
Reason#3: They are soooooo spunky
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Well, not that we're talking about footwear, lets talk about more shoes that I like:

I love these boots! They remind me of my childhood---I hated the riding pants and stupid helmets, but boy did I LOVE the boots!
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These are the shoes that I'd wear if I lived in Colorado.
Of course I'd be single, since there's no way Josh would ever put up with these shoes, but boy would I be styling.
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These would help me get in touch with my Indian roots.
Ok, so I'm about as Anglo as they make 'em these days.
I guess I should say "these would help me have the Indian heritage I wish I had"
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I do actually like these boots.
They are a little Peter Pan-ish, but they are still cool.
Of course, I'd have to dress more like Chelsea to pull them off!
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How much do I love these boots?!?!
These are the perfect shoes for my I'm-from-a-big-city-dont-mess-with-me outfit!!
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amy p said...

i'm not a "boot person" but i LOVE these boots. i feel like you are the best resource for shopping an deals.

jacker said...

You these things, I have read twice, for me, this is a relatively rare phenomenon!
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