weddings, weddings everywhere!

Here are my friends Kenny and Holly. They got married two saturdays ago.

Here are my friends Joe and LindseyLee. They got married last saturday.

I love the girls a ton and had a blast at their weddings. I'm so glad that we'll get to be a part of their married life. blah, blah, blah.

I'm obviously not jealous about being married, because I've got the hottie on the right. Duh. I'm just really wanting another honeymoon.

Now, non-married folks might think that a honeymoon and a vacation are similar. They are not. A honeymoon is so much more....its a tropical location you thought you'd never travel to. Its lounging around, without cell phones, internet or other people. Its enjoying an "all-inclusive" resort without worrying about what you weigh. Its buying new clothes and one-hour massages. Its drinking pina coladas at 11am because they are kind of like a smoothie. Its forgetting that you have a budget and buying everything. Its eating your first chicken wing or bacon-cheeseburger (ok, maybe that was just me.)

So here I sit...at work...on a dreary monday. While two of my friends are enjoying their honeymoon. Ugh.

some pictures from our honeymoon in st. lucia

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