your mama!

Its been about, oh, 15 years since I've heard a "your mama" joke....until yesterday at the gym.

Two guys were joking around in between sets. We'll call them Paul and Guy 1, because I know that one of the guys is actually named Paul and I have no idea what the other guy's name is. Also, Paul is around 65 years old totally ripped---kind of like a body builder....and the other guy is this bald, mid-30's, slightly overweight man with big glasses. (note: I have nothing in particular against body builders or prematurely bald guys....I just needed to give you a description of them because it makes the story so much better.)

Here's the conversation:
Guy 1: "hey paul"
Paul: "yeah?"
Guy 1: "your mama's so old her birthstone is dirt"
Paul: "what?"
Guy 1: "get it? dirt!"
(now it starts to get awkward between the two guys and I'm trying my hardest not to bust out laughing)
Paul: "huh?"
Guy 1: " 'cause, you know, they didn't like have stones back then....they just had dirt....get it?"

Nothing is worse than a joke that bombs....unless its a "your mama" joke that bombs....there's no recovering from that.

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