meet my new friend named canon

Josh, aka "the-best-husband-a-girl-could-ask-for", got me this beauty for Christmas. (applause, applause)

I had taken a photography class from Sharon at Smitten Photography last fall and had been drooling over everyone's SLRs since then.

And then dear Josh surprised me at Christmas....I mean a Canon and earrings from Forever21....does marriage get any better?!?!

I've been practicing and practicing.....waiting on good lighting....and then it happened....my first good picture:

I know its not professional quality---but hey, I just started at this! Sharon, I hope I made you proud!

By the way, I took this picture while we were playing "Mexican Train Dominos" up at Windy Gap this past weekend.


Cheers! said...

I think your first GREAT/WONDERFUL/PERFECT picture was definitely that wreath picture of me from New Years....

Baird said...

:) oooh I was talking about how much I wanted an SLR just last night. I am suure you will enjoy yours mucho. And I like your picture a lot. And I like you a lot. And mexican train is the best game ever.

sunday said...

i think that went over your $100 limit.

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