elliot weekly: week 21

happy at 21 weeks!

What we've been up to this week:

Mouthful: Elliot has been putting her toes in her mouth.  It is really cute until she chokes herself.  Yep, she's been trying to get her whole foot in her mouth and choking on her big toe in the process.  Its one part cute, one part alarming.

Missing Bottom Lip: Elliot has really gotten into sucking her bottom lip.  She hums and makes all kinds of noises while sucking her bottom lip up and under her top lip.  It makes for a very funny, and very drooly, baby face.

Rocking and Rolling: Elliot is going craaaazy in her exersaucer.  My boss is letting us use his grandson's exersaucer while we're at work.  Its very similar to the one we have at home.  Its like a combination of a johnny jump-up and a traditional exersaucer.  Here she is going at it:

Party Like its 4am: Yep, she's still waking up.  All.the.time.  Josh and I are doing everything we can think of.  We're feeding her a big bottle at 10pm (or 10:30pm) and she wakes up at 4am.  As soon as she gets her chupa in, she immediately calms down and falls back to sleep....only to wake up and repeat the process at 5am, 6am and 7am (if not more frequently!)  She's still nursing and doing great.  Our pediatrician isn't in a hurry to move her to solids, and neither am I.  She's great at 50th% for weight, so I know she's getting enough food.  I wonder if there is just something weird going on in our house during the night that we don't know about?  Maybe the air conditioning hits her crib?  Any suggestions??

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Sunday Grant Photography said...

cry. it. out.
you are giving her the gift of sleep when you train them to sleep well. it is super tough and I am sure a lot of people don't agree but you will be a much happier family after you do it!

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