elliot weekly: 19 weeks

19 weeks

Roll On Over: Elliot rolled over for the first time this week!  Well, she rolled over from her back to her stomach.  So, I guess she technically rolled half-way over.  She did it twice on Wednesday afternoon.  I wish that I could have captured it on camera, but I was too giddy to think of it at the time.  Yep, the transformation to dorky-mom has commenced!

Sleeveless in Sleep: Elliot is no longer in the swaddle for sleep.  She's "free" as Josh liked to think of it (he never loved the idea of her all strapped in like that.)  We've got her in a sleeveless sleep sack.  The transition has been much easier than we thought.  We were running on over two weeks of Elliot waking up all night and breaking out of her swaddle.  Last Saturday, during the middle of the night and at our wits end, we tried out the sleep sack.  I had no idea that we were supposed to slowly transition her out of the swaddle (one arm, then both arms, then fully un-swaddled).  Bottom line---she's been napping just as good as with the swaddle and sleeping just as poorly at night ;)

Grab the Chupa: Josh and I aren't huge fans of the word "paci." My boss is from Colombia and his family uses the word chupete or chupa.  We've been trying to teach Elliot how to grab the chupa and put it in her mouth by herself (mostly in the hopes that she'll be able to put it in during the middle of the night and not wake us up, hahahaha!)  Josh and I were up at the neighborhood pool on Wednesday afternoon and Elliot just took the chupa out of my hand and put it in her mouth.  She can regularly put it in her mouth by herself if you hand it to her facing the right direction----and most of the time she can keep it in her mouth without knocking it out with her hands :)

Sleep, or rather the lack thereof: Yep, Elliot is still not sleeping through the night.  She'll wake up several times during the night.  She's pretty quick to settle down and get back to sleep, but still.....Josh and I are ready to get some consistent sleep.  Speaking of, Josh has been a lifesaver.  We've been trading off night duty; he'll have two nights on to take care of Elliot while I sleep and then the next two nights we switch off.  I don't think I could have asked for a more supportive husband!


chelsea said...

i think that is my new favorite photo of elliot ever.

Connie Rollins said...

Such a big girl photo! Praying for rest and sleep for you and Josh.

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