elliot weekly: week 18

18 weeks and trying to push con queso out of the picture
already wants the spotlight for herself!

What we've been up to this week:

Braves Game! We met up with my sister Lauren and her husband Jon in Atlanta for a Braves baseball game. It was so fun to meet up with them and share Elliot's first game with them! We met up at Flying Biscuit for lunch and then headed over to the game. Lauren has a bunch of pictures on her camera, but I've only got this one of E (while we were waiting outside for our table):

Something to Chew on: Elliot has been putting everything into her mouth lately. She's usually content with her hands, but she's been pretty keen on Sophie too. Sophie is her new giraffe.

She sounds and looks like a dog chew toy. But hey, our little girl loves her!

Fort Time: Elliot built her first fort this week. Somehow I thought she'd build it with Amy, Kate or Kay. But she said she was ready:

Sleep...or rather, No Sleep: Well, it seems like we need more prayers for sleep around here! Elliot had a 12 day streak of sleeping from 8pm-6:30am (with a dream feed at 10:30pm.) Elliot has now been on a 10 day streak of sleeping from 7:30pm-3:30am and then waking every 30-45 minutes until 6:30am. It is making for a very tired set of parents! Elliot doesn't seem to be minding all that much. She'll cry, I (or Josh) walk in and give her a pacifier and she back to sleep immediately. She'll sleep for about 30-45 minutes (maybe an hour!) and then the process repeats itself. I've heard that babies have a "progress spiral" when developing. In that, they take two steps forward, and then one step back. I knew it was too good to think that E was just going to sleep through the night for good....but, man--I'm ready for a break! This is what we've been feeling around our house:

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Maury said...

I dont think she's pushing out Con Queso. I think she's getting so big she needs more room in the chair. You might need to move the weekly picture to the sofa.

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