elliot weekly: week 20

such a happy baby!

What we've been up to this week:

4 month check up: The big news this week was Elliot's four month check up.  She'll be 5 months old in about 10 days, so its weird to have just had her 4 month appointment.  I still haven't figured out how they calculate ages for appointments at the children's clinic here!  The good news is that our little babe is really healthy.  Her measurements and skills are measuring normal, even though I swear she's above average ;)  The only thing Dr. Mark said she needed to work on was her hair.  Well, if she takes after me she won't get much until around her 2nd birthday!  Oh how we love our little follicularly challenged baby girl hahahahaha.

All giggles: Elliot has had several more laughs and I still haven't been able to capture any on camera!  Josh and I are usually dancing around (or high-fiving) and trying to get her to repeat her performance.  She just looks at us like we're morons (which we most certainly look like at the moment!)

Grabby Grabby: Elliot has been grabbing lots lately.  She'll reach for a pacifier, a toy or your hair (she's slowly ripping out all the little hairs behind my ears--ouch!)  Case and  point:
this photo shoot is over!
Why the face: Elliot is making some funny faces.  I like to give her a voice (and words!) to her faces.  She looks so hilarious when she raises an eyebrow or furrows her forehead.  She only holds the face for a second or two, because as soon as I see it I bust out laughing and then she does her pull-back-her-head-and-give-a-triple-chin smile.  Every once and a while I can get a picture of one....
i am NOT liking this outfit
Because everyone needs just one for picture of E:
happy weekend y'all!

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nicolefiehler said...

Cute! My Hadley has this same outfit...probably just a size bigger :)

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