craft it: fabric flowers

Josh and I stayed at home this past weekend. It was nice to have a weekend together where we weren't driving all over creation. Don't get me wrong---I have a lot of fun on our weekend adventures, but sometimes just staying home is nice.

You know what else is nice? When your husband takes care of the baby so you can craft! He sure does know the way to my heart.

I'm kind of obsessed with these super easy no-sew fabric flowers. I even included a template...hope it works!

You will need:
scrap fabric (i had tons left over from different projects)
glue gun
glue sticks
felt (or other scrap fabric)

Step 1: fold your selected fabric into a nice stack and trace your desired flower pattern

Step 2: trim your pattern. layers=petals...so the more layers you use the more petals you'll have. and the more petals you have will give you a more full flower

Step 3: fold your petal in half...then in half again. put a small spot of glue on the corner and adhere to small felt square

Step 4: repeat with three more petals to complete the bottom layer

Step 5: make another layer of 4 petals...be sure to place new petals on top of exposed seams...you want to be sure to cover up the felt backing! you can add more layers if you like. remember, the more layers the more the flower will look! you can also try adding smaller petals too...just reduce the template when you print it out.

Step 6: roll up center piece and glue in the middle

Step 7: put small drops of glue on base of surrounding petals. then, press the petals to the center piece. this will help it look more realistic...well, as realistic as a fabric flower could be!

Step 8: now fluff the flower. you're done!

I made nearly a zillion of these this past weekend. They got hot-glued to anything that would sit still. I put them on magnets, picture frames and pillows. See, check it out:
This previously crafted pillow was looking sloppy.

What it needed was some more flowers. See:

i think the trick was using several different types of flowers.

I put it in the guest room. See how much happier the bed looks?!

So what are you waiting for?!
Get fabric flower crazy!!

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