warrior dash 2011

This past Saturday I participated in the Warrior Dash in Huntersville, NC.  It was the first time that the race came to the Carolinas and the crowds were seriously ridiculous.  I found out about the race via a sidebar advertisement on Facebook so I had no idea of he legitimacy (or lack thereof) for the race series.  Well friends....the Warrior Dash race series is legitimate.  Its also crazy. And difficult. And full of insane and hilarious and hungover (and some insanely hilarious hungover) runners.  I don't think I'll forget this race experience any time soon.

I've been running for the past three years and participated in a number of 5ks, 10ks and even several half-marathons.  It was around this time last year when I found out that I was pregnant with our daughter.  I was deep into training for my first marathon when I the pregnancy test came back positive.  I was so very excited to be pregnant, but a little sad to be shelving my marathon dreams.  I was really active during my pregnancy, even running two half marathons (albeit much slower!)  I even managed a slow jog the week Elliot was born (come to think of it, we're pretty sure that was part of what brought her 10 days early!)

I've been anticipated my running come-back for several months.  I searched for a race that I could get excited about, but not stress about.  I had no idea what to expect from my post-pregnancy body and didn't know when I'd be back to good racing form.  I needed a race to inspire me.  And then I found it: the Warrior Dash.

I've already blogged about the race series, so I'll just post a few pictures from this past weekend to share the fun with you.  It was pretty good trail 5k with some seriously fun (and tough!) obstacles.  The race was certainly not for the faint of heart and I'm still nursing a few bumps, bruises, cuts and sore muscles!

elliot was so excited about the race. she was a great cheerleder!

cargo net climb, jungle gym, fire jump
mud pit and barbed wire
there was a costume contest so i wore this old bridesmaids dress.  fingers crossed for the win!

elliot doing "blue steel" with the warrior hat

cutest little warrior

pre-race family photo op

the bubble gum pink dress made me pretty easy to spot!

the photo doesn't quite capture the form or beauty of my fire jumping prowess

I had an amazing jump into the mud, but alas, we missed getting it on camera

so graceful!

post-race curtsy.  the dress demanded it.

seriously?  this tiny towel to clean off? i mean, that's pretty cheap warrior dash!

time chip=free beer.  i traded mine in for bottled water. may have considered a beer if hadn't have been bud light.

hard-earned finisher's medal


amy p said...

these are amazing! my friend did it on sunday. i absolutely love the picture of you running through/jumping over fire! and in that dress. your little warrior is pretty darn cute too.

babydoll said...

I love mud ! super :))

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