elliot weekly: week 13

What we've been up to this week:

Bubbles, Bubbles: Elliot has been quite the drooling little lady lately. She's been making tons of bubbles and dribbling down every outfit. We used to have to change her outfits due to spit-up, now we have to change them because she's soaking them through!

Taking A Stand: Elliot loves testing out her legs. She likes to be held upright, putting weight on her little legs. She's got some strong little quads! Josh and I can't wait until she's old enough to test out a jumper/exersaucer, it should be quite entertaining!

Head Held High: Elliot is getting better and better at holding up her head. When she's full of energy (just after waking up and just after eating) she can hold her head up high. It usually only lasts a few minutes, but she looks so cute craning her little neck. She stretches out her neck, raises her eyebrows and wrinkles her forehead....it leaves her looking very curious (and a bit like a wrinkled old lady!)

So Much To Say: Elliot has been talking/cooing more and more! She gets so animated, wiggling her eyebrows and undulating her voice. It makes me laugh and I usually end up distracting her by smiling too much. If I can keep a straight face she will usually "talk" a bit more.

Growing Like A Weed: Well, we've had to retire some of Elliot's clothes. She was so little when we brought her home from the hospital (5 pounds 10 ounces) that we actually had to go out and buy some newborn clothes. I finally had to take those newborn outfits out of her armoir and pack them away. It was so sad! I know she's still our little baby, but she seems like she's getting bigger by the minute.

cuddle time with con queso
she's loving to snuggle lately

you talking to me?!
i love some of the stares that she gives me
i was actually trying pretty hard to get her to smile for this picture...
clearly, she wasn't interested!

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