Elliot Weekly: Week 15

looking oh so serious this morning!

What we've been up to this week:

All Nighters: Yep, Elliot has been quite the little night owl this week. She's become an absolute champ at going to bed...its the staying asleep part that has us a little overwhelmed. Elliot is now going to bed around 8pm and sleeping soundly. I sneak in her room around 10:30pm for a late night feeding by bottle, with the hopes of waking her less. As I lay her down and I pray that she'll sleep through the night. Since last Friday night she's been waking up around 2-3am. We can get her back to sleep pretty quickly and easily, but she'll inevitably be back up in 45-60 minutes. The pattern continues until 7am when we "start" our day. I will say this: Josh wins the Husband Of The Year award for taking care of Elliot during those wee hours of the morning. I did it Friday night and Saturday night and had a little bit of a meltdown Sunday afternoon about it! Josh took over this week and it has been a blessed relief for this tired mama!

Bath Time: Elliot is loving her bath time! This week we switched to using the bathtub for her baths (instead of the sink.) We have a little green frog sponge-thing that we can lay or sit her on while she gets he bath. She'll smile, coo and talk while she has her bath. She gets a bath right before dinner each night. The 5-7pm hours used to be the "witching hours" around our house. I've found that baths are the perfect distraction for her. She can be so fussy and as soon as she gets in the tub she just lights up :) Its so much less scary to hold a squirmy wet baby at this age; I remember when she was two and three weeks old and I felt like I'd drop her!

Yoga Baby: Remember back when I said that our baby girl was a little yoga baby? Well, its true! Elliot has been grabbing at her toes. She's even managed to grab both feet at the same time. I was able to grab a quick picture of her with my cell phone. Sorry for the poor quality--and I couldn't figure out how to rotate the picture once is was on my mac :) Oh the joys of pc to mac conversion!

Since I'm still not working Fridays, the work week is done for me. I'm so excited to soak up some girl time with Elliot today! I really treasure our Friday time together--just me and my girl. The weekends are a great time for us to be a fun family of three and I do love those times. But there's something special and this time alone with my babe!

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