I'm not quite sure what CSA stands for. I know it has something to do with farming. And everyone in big cities seems really into their CSA. So, its a noun. Aaaand, that's about all I've got on that.

So, here's what I hope has something remotely to do with CSA: our contraban garden! No, we're not growing contraban....its just that having a garden is against our homeowner's association. Yes, I'm a rebel!! (We've also got two pink flamingos standing guard on our back deck---take that HOA!)

We've hidden our garden on the backside of our house. Can you spot it??

Its just over there, on the left side of the deck stairs:

Here's what we've got growing:

zuchinni, jalapenos, tomatos, squash, basil

and my favorite plant:

the rogue tomato plant!

Josh and I had a sad little cherry tomato plant in a planter on the deck last summer. To say the plant was fruitless is polite.....it was just an awful shrivled up shell of a plant. We only got one or two nearly sun-dried looking tomatoes out of the whole plant. Then low-and-behold, the garden fairies smiled upon us! Our rogue tomato plant is one of the volunteers that sprouted up from the seeds of the long forgotten plant from last year. I say "one of" the volunteers because we had about a zillion sprout up in the area. We have about 6 good ones growing (in addition to this beauty). We dont really have the room for the additions and would love to see them in a good home. Any takers???


Anonymous said...

CSA is "community-supported agriculture" and I think, by finding homes for your little volunteer tomato plants, you definitely qualify!

Brittany said...

Are all the extras tomato plants?

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