elliot weekly: week 14

14 weeks and looking large!

What we were up to this past week:

Lake time! We visited our friends Lauren and Matt (and baby Merrin--Elliot's bff) up at Lake Lure on Saturday. I forgot my camera and have no pictures :( I'll have to steal some of their's to share later. We also hung out with our friends LeeLee and Joe on Sunday at their house on Lake Badin. I did remember to take my camera....but had a blast on the lake and didn't really take too many pictures!

isn't he such a natural?!
leelee and joe are having their first baby this december
yay for more friends for elliot!

elliot looooved the lake.
can't you tell?!

Baby Pool Time: We had a baby pool for Elliot and thought it was about time we tested it out. Its just a $5 blow up plastic pool, but we weren't really going to invest that much since we have a pool (and baby pool) in our neighborhood. We would have just taken her up to the pool, but it doesn't have any shade. We set up Elliot's pool under our umbrella on the upper deck:

Those were our big adventures for the week (other than two up-the-back-dirty-diapers at work--------barf!) Here are a few funny faces from Elliot from this past week. Enjoy!

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Natalie Roberts said...

These pictures are absolutely precious. holy moly. I haven't seen Elliot since we ran into you guys walking! My mom and Lauren and I were googling over these adorable faces! So cute, would love to see you guys soon. Hope all is well! :)

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