you did that how?

On Sunday afternoon I broke my toe; my cute little left pinky toe to be exact. Its puffy and purple and not at all pretty.

while i may look in desperate need of a pedicure, this is actually pretty dang good for runner's feet!

What is more sad than a broken pinky toe? Admitting to your husband that you broke it walking down these:

Yep, that totally terrifying height is the two steps from our garage to our house. I was trying to walk down the stairs while putting on my tennis shoes. I'm not sure why I was trying to multi-task or why I was in such a rush. I was going to work in the yard and was going to put my "yard shoes" (old running shoes that I keep in the garage because they're usually so dirty) on while standing up. I was going to slide the shoe on while stepping down a step and slide the shoe the rest of the way up one I stepped down to the garage floor. This sounds so much more smooth in my head than it is coming out in blog form.

Long awkward story later, my left pink toe in broken. But don't worry, I didn't let it get in the way of Zumba last night at the gym. When a girl has got to dance, a girl has got to dance!

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Anonymous said...

If you google "cute pinky toe," your beautiful toe shows up. Very nice. I wish the best for you and your family. Take care and show your petty feet to the world !!

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