elliot weekly: week 16

16 weeks? already?!

Playdates with Friends: We went over to our friends' house for dinner and took the babe with us. Lauren and Matt are our dear friends in Shelby and they're the parents of Elliot's bff Merrin. We had the most amazing meal and got some serious play time in (both parents and kiddos!) We even got to try and weigh Elliot on their vintage baby scale. She was wiggling around a ton---we're guessing 12.5 pounds, but who knows!

attempting to weight the babe

gotta love those matching outfits ;)

Snug as a Bug: Elliot has been sleeping much better this week! Thanks for all your prayers!! She's been sleeping from about 8pm-6:15am (still giving her a dream feed at 10:30pm.) Its made for happier parents and turns out that Elliot's even napping better. Here's the evidence from a nap at work:

Grabbing Feet: Elliot is getting better and better and grabbing her toes. Check her out:

Excited about Bouncing: Elliot has been loving her bouncy seat at work! Check her out:

and of course i had to leave you with a picture of the babe:

Images by Freepik