When you become a parent you enter a whole new world of multi-tasking.
-Blair Jones

Folks, you can quote me on that. I know, I know...my intellectual depth and life reflections are at times just so overwhelming. What can I say, I love Mensa.

Working out/staying fit is very important to me. Watching the Tour de France is very important to me. Watching my baby is very important to me. And I've figured out a way to do all three:

The little red thing in the back that's holding up the rear tire of my road bike, subsequently turning it into a stationery bike, is called a trainer. Truth be told, we actually bought the trainer when Josh was rehabbing his knee from his ACL surgery.

Elliot's most recent schedule has her napping from 5-6pm, which is normally when I've taken her for a run in the jogging stroller. She's starting to turn the corner with some of her sleep training (oh goodness, a post for another day!) and Josh and I are really trying to give her some good solid naptime during the day. She naps great while I'm at work, and she can cat-nap in the jogger---but its just not good sleep.

Enter: The Trainer. The Trainer gets two capital letters because he is that intense. There is no drafting and no downhills with a trainer. He's essentially the guy in the pace car telling me "no, no, no---keep up the pace, increase your cadence, you're getting dropped from the peloton!" It may be the most intense 50 minute workout I've had in a year (other than the bodypump class I went to with Sunday---crap that class was insane!)

The room I'm cycling in is our bonus room over our garage. Its just down the hall from Elliot's room, which makes it perfect for spinning-while-watching-the-tour-and-keeping-an-eye-out-for-my-baby. Ahhh, the art of the multi-tasking parent. Any of y'all out there with kids that have any multi-tasking/juggling stories to share??

*do you see that bag of trash in the hallway? just my spring-but-actually-now-summer cleaning.
*do you see that box in the hallway? it is headed toward the trashbag. it might take that box four days to get down the hall and into the trashbag. pacing, its all about pacing folks.


kristie jones said...

i started going to body pump last week. went to a class last night - i'm still on the tiny weights but it still leaves me with soreness. i'll be buff by christmas. haha

Sunday Grant Photography said...

that class was insane wasn't! I love it!! that trainer looks fun too.

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