why i love young life

Girl Leaders: one of the many reasons I love Young Life.

I have a weekly Bible study at my house for girl young life leaders. We have a rich time of getting into the Word, sharing life and eating desserts. I love the time and look forward to it all week.

And this is one of the reasons why: I never know what to expect. Case and point: what the Junior girls wore last week:

These girls, all roommates, came dressed in solid color outfits:
Casey: all grey= groutfit
Bryanna: all black= bloutfit
Sarah: all blue= blutfit

Can you imagine living with these girls?
How do they ever get anything done??

**I should also note that Casey wore solid-color outfits everyday of our fall leader lake retreat....red (routfit), purple (poutfit) and brown (broutfit).

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Anonymous said...

i can't believe you totally left out the post about wakeboarding!!! You could at least post a picture of a stock board or something.

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