Taylor Swift, how do i love thee?

I'm in love with Taylor Swift. I wish that we were friends. Better yet, I wish we had gone to high school together.....she's captured nearly every feeling that I felt in high school with the perfection that only teen angst can uncover.

I love music. And I love all kinds of music....seriously, check out my computer/ipod; its got everything from country to classical to rap to christian. But I especially love music that moves you; it might be the spot that makes your heart well up, makes you want to go out dancing with the girls, makes you want to book a vacation, makes you feel like you could run forever or maybe even makes you want to start a fight (hey, I didn't say that music always makes you want to do good things.)

And Taylor Swift's latest album makes me want to do all of those things. 'You Belong With Me', the much discussed award winning video, is one of my new favorites. It would have been my 10th grade anthem if I was 15 again (as would her song '15'). I love how accurately it captures that 'what-the-heck-is-wrong-with-you-stupid-boy-can't-you-see-how-much-better-we'd-be-together-than-that-crazy-girl-you-think-you-want-to-be-with' feeling that all girls go through during high school (and college and basically all dating atmospheres).

The video for the song exceeded all my expectations for the lyrics, Taylor and her ability to transport be back to high school (but with the ending we hoped for!)

Check it out!

here's her live performance at the VMAs

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Leigh Bucklad said...

enjoyed this..you hit the nail on the head. Brad and I were having a conversation recently about her relating to what goes on in a high school girl's head...and I followed links to get to "the best day" and cried the whole way though it.

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