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My friend Kelly told me about 'the buff' about a week ago. She referred to it as "what the contestants on Survivor wore all the time" and said that some of her Young Life friends bought some to wear on the three-day cross-country trek to Colorado. I'm always interested in new accessories, especially ones that help hide greasy hair.

According to The Buff website, "Buff is the leading brand and creator of the first seam-free multifunctional tubular wear. It is an extremely versatile garment that can be worn in a number of different ways while offering protection from the elements during a wide range of outdoor activities like hiking, running, skiing, cycling, motorcycling, etc. An excellent design also makes it ideal as a casual wear accessory."

I bought my buff at Diamond Brand before Josh and I went backpacking last weekend. It was $18, but they were having a 20% off sale. Yay! I wore it all weekend:

There are tons of colors to choose from. I picked a hippie color, because I'm a poser and wanted to look authentic while backpacking. At least I'm an honest poser? Is that an oxymoron?

I've also used my Buff on the lake (perfect for keeping hair out of your face while riding on a friends boat) and at spin class (I swear it has some kind of wicking property.)

The website lists a ton of different ways to wear the buff, even calling one 'the blind chicken" which is really just a blindfold. Go get yours today---its awesome!

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robin said...

ooo. interesting. i'll have to check that out. it looks good on you.

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