labor day weekend

I've sat here for about three minutes trying to figure out what to call this post. I thought about something witty. Maybe something involving lyrics from "Green Acres" or "I Will Survive." But nothing seemed to really capture the enormity of this past weekend. And now I've given up. Which is already a bad sign about this entry, this day and maybe even this week.

The weekend started out fabulous---dinner at Barley's with some of my favorite girls. (Happy late-Birthday Lindsay!!) I met Josh back at our house (he'd been hanging out with some guys) to finalize our plans for the next day.....because we were going backpacking. Yes, you read that correctly. Backpacking. It seems I have totally lost my sense of reality and judgement. Can I still blame all of this on the bike wreck??

Josh has loved camping since childhood....which he may or may not actually have grown out of, the jury is still deliberating. We've gone car-camping a couple of times, but the dream of us actually braving the wilderness together has always been just out of Josh's grasp.

Let me clarify what I did this past weekend: hauled all my camping crap up a mountain, chopped down a (dead) tree for firewood, (watched Josh) set up camp, peed in the woods, pooped in the woods, didn't sleep for fear of a bear or murderer catching us off guard, watched Josh fish, read a book and relaxed in a hammock. Josh did all the cooking and cleaning. I especially loved the lack of cellphones and TVs...and the Josh cooking and cleaning part. All in all, it was pretty fabulous---besides the dirt and bugs part.

I made it to the campsite alive.
It felt like lugging a giant suitcase up a set of stairs.
You know that you really need everything....but still consider throwing stuff out along the way.

Ahhhhh, coffee.
Some things are mandatory no matter the setting.

My man the fisherman.

Proof that I made it out alive.
And also that I'm some kind of rebel.
I'm not sure about the pose...
I don't think I should be responsible for any actions after spending the weekend in the woods.

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chelsea said...

you're a good wife.
i don't think any man could talk me in to this.

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