early riser

I literally jumped out of bed this morning. Before my alarm went off. This was all after staying up way too late last night. So why didn't I fall out of bed 20 minutes after my alarm went off like I usually do? Because I got thangs to do. Like make my husband homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast.


I made dough, from scratch, last night while Josh was at Young Life club. I even managed to have the whole kitchen cleaned up before he got home, so the evidence of my plans were totally erased (except for the giant bowl of dough in the fridge. but i'm pretty sure he didn't notice that since he only goes into the fridge for milk and nutty bars. yes, he still eat little debbie cakes, but that's an entirely different story.)

So this morning I got up, beat the dough, rolled it out, coated it in butter, sugar and cinnamon, threw it in a pan and TADA:

Ok, that's not technically a picture of my cinnamon rolls, I actually stole this picture (and the recipe) from The Pioneer Woman.

Why the surprise breakfast this morning? Was it his birthday? Was it our anniversary? What was it?! (I'm sure Josh was asking himself all these questions too.....except it was probably more like, 'dang! what did i forget?!') Well, the truth is that I'm trying out some recipes for 'thank you' gifts for our YL donors. I want to make sure they taste good, cook correctly, look presentable, etc. And that's why we're up to our ears in dough and cinnamon rolls. I'll see you later.....I'll be the one with the cinnamon and maple sugar coated face. I'm drooling just thinking about it!

**I'm trying to perfect the whole freezing/thawing thing....so if you're willing to be a taste-tester for me, please holler!
ps: I did go against my better vegan-judgement and tried a bite of a roll this morning. How do I describe the heaven-ness?! It was like a gooey-hot-now-krispy-kreme-doughnut topped with sugary-maple-coffee-hinted deliciousness. Or perfection. You can use whichever description you like.


chelsea said...

we're doing mini bread loaves for our donors here. they're cool because a)they're easy b)they're not messy c)they freeze well and d)they're mini (who doesn't like mini - there's less food - which sucks - but they're cute, which is cool.) i think i'm going for pumpkin bread for the ones i'm baking, but i haven't decided yet.
also, i want this cinnamon roll recipe, if you've got it!

Amy.Brethauer said...

Blair. I am MORE than willing to be a test subject, especially if there are more delicious treats like those cinnamon rolls! let the taste testing begin!

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